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Over 30 years of experience as one of the leading steel fabrication firms in the country

  • Our Expertise & Service

    • Our Expertise

      DO-ALL Metal Industries & General Construction Corporation is manned by a full complement of qualified engineers, architects, draftsmen and highly trained craftsmen, working together as a team to provide fabrication services of the most exacting standards demanded by the industry. Do-All’s engineering and staff complement boasts of more than 30 years of experience as one of the leading steel fabrication firms in the country. Specialization in stainless steel fabrication is backed by modern high-technology training in Japan. In- house training programs are being conducted continually, with the support of machinery and equipment suppliers. This helps the team keep abreast of the latest in fabrication technologies and techniques.

    • Service

      From the beginning, we tried to understand that word: SERVICE. What it meant to industry, and to Philippine progress. Correspondingly endeavored to provide it at the best quality possible – in terms of engineering technology, craftsmanship, materials selection. These we offer to clients at a price that would allow them to remain competitive in the marketplace. That understanding of service spurred our own growth: from a simple three-mechanical press operation to a diversified service company totaling P80 Million in assets. All because we understood what true service meant, and because we communicated this to our clients in the manner they best understood: Quality

  • Our History

  • Our History

    In 1981, as a fresh graduate of BS Mechanical Engineering from Mapua Institute of Technology (1979), Mr. Edison U. Ang was sent by the engineering company where he worked then to Japan to train for one month in the field of design, fabrication and installation of architectural metal products at the Tajima Junso Seisakuso Co., Inc.

    After he resigned from his aforesaid regular job, Mr. Ang put up a body repair, painting and assembly shop of Asian Utility Vehicle (AUV) particularly the Toyota Tamaraw and Ford Fiera brands.

    In July 8, 1986, with a meagre capital of Php 650,000, Mr. Ang, together with his wife, Mrs. Marilyn R. Ang, a graduate of BS Banking and Finance from FEU, founded their single proprietorship enterprise and registered with he DTI under the name Do-All Metal Industries, whose primary business is industrial metal works. With a very small workforce, the company was able to manufacture its first project – stamping and drawing of Ballast Casing for General Electric Company (GE).

    In 1989, however, due to its growing clientele in metal works, Do- All opened its 3-storey Navotas City factory and warehouse, which was completed in early 1990s, in order to accommodate other services and fabrications required by its clients but engaging primarily in supplying various metal works in the construction industry.

    And in 2010, Do-All Metal Industries was incorporated and renamed Do-All Metal Industries & General Construction Corporation (DAMI&GCC) which was duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

  • Our Mission & Vision

  • Mission

    To Provide a vital service to industry at the highest possible quality, at the most effective price and at the level most beneficial to the nation’s progress.


    To create the best construction steel products and services in the Philippines with world class standard, to produce the highest quality products in the industry and to be globally competitive.


  • DAMI&GCC is composed of more than 180 employees which include competent engineers, architects, craftsmen, draftsmen and skilled workers manning our Navotas City Factory and the soon-to-open Bulacan Factory in Pulong Gubat, Balagtas, Bulacan, imbibed with values of integrity, work ethics, and professionalism.

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