Specializing in stainless steel fabrication, Do-All Metal Industries & General Construction Corporation is one of the leading general construction companies in the Philippines that purvey quality steel railings. With over 30 years of experience as one of the leading steel fabrication firms in the Philippines, it should come as no doubt that Do-All Metal provides exceptional services and reliable products. The company’s expertise and specialization in stainless steel fabrication are backed by advanced high-technology training in Japan, resulting in a team of highly qualified engineers who can deliver even the highest standards as demanded by clients. With the company’s expertise, steel fabrication, competence in engineering technology complemented by quality craftsmanship and materials selection, you are assured of service and product that never fails.

Manned by a team of architects, engineers, draftsmen, and highly trained craftsmen, DO-ALL Metal Industries & General Construction Corporation promises to deliver only the best in steel railing fabrication that meets even the most exacting standards demanded by the industry. With 30 years of experience as one of the Philippines ’ leading steel fabrication firms in the country, quality in delivery and service is guaranteed.

Why choose stainless steel railings

Modern steel railings have this certain allure, enhancing the appeal of any contemporary-designed property or establishment. They look great from afar regardless of where you put it—indoor or outdoor. It adds beauty to any staircase, patio, balcony, or deck. Stainless steel also fits perfectly with most themes and designs with ease and elegance and, without ruining the aesthetic flow. 

Steel railings are the most durable because of the strong foundation. Stainless steel railings are secured by handrail brackets, which are also made from an equally durable material (could be steel also or other materials). Count on the steel railings to last for decades, its reliability is celebrated. Stainless steel is rust and corrosion-resistant. The stainless railings will withstand exposure to air, moisture, and chemicals. With that said, it can seal out areas without appearing barricade-like. This reason alone makes it easy to choose stainless steel for your railing system.

One would ask how much does stainless steel railing cost. We often say that it’s a matter of cost-efficiency. Installing the stainless railing system is more cost-efficient than any other railing types. From a proactive perspective, the owner also saves in maintenance costs. There is no need to replace the railing system or any part of it immediately unless it was completely damaged of course.

One can never go wrong with stainless railings. Below are some of our stainless steel railing works.

Stainless Steel Railings Photos