Do-All Metal Industries & General Construction Corporation is a metal fabrication company stationed in Navotas, Metro Manila and offering their services nationwide.   It specializes in services such as stainless steel fabrication and metal works, among others.   As one of the country’s leading Fabrication Company, Do-All Metal serves a myriad of industries such as residential, commercial, medical, and industrial and leisure enterprises and supplying such industries with metal and steel fabrication services by employing top-grade services complemented with the use of a quality steel fabricator. The company’s services and capabilities include crafting custom-made metal items, fabrication of structural columns and beams, B.I brass and stainless steel railings, constructing playground equipment among others. Manned by a team of architects, engineers, draftsmen and highly trained craftsmen, DO-ALL Metal Industries & General Construction Corporation promises to deliver only the best in metal fabrication services that meet even the most exacting standards demanded by the industry. With 30 years of experience as one of the Philippine’s leading steel fabrication firms in the country, quality in delivery and service is guaranteed.